Install PHP memcached extension on macOS


Published by Mark van Eijk on March 17, 2023 · 1 minute read

  1. Install using Homebrew and PECL
  2. ZLIB path

Install using Homebrew and PECL

If you have PHP installed using Homebrew, you previously could also install PHP extensions using brew itself. But things have changed, and you need to use pecl to install additional extensions.

When you need to install memcached, you need to install this including the dependencies zlib and libmemcached:

brew install memcached libmemcached zlib pkg-config

Then you can initiate the install via pecl:

pecl install memcached

This will ask multiple questions, where you will only need to answer the question about the path of zlib:

zlib directory [no] :

This path depends on the processor of your Mac, there's a difference between Apple silicon machines on Mac Intel. The path is per type of machine:

ZLIB path

# On Apple Silicon

# On Mac Intel

When given this path, the pecl install should complete successfully.

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