Every feature to manage
servers and sites with ease

Organize sites, servers & domains in projects and clients

When you have a lot of sites, servers and/or domains it can be hard to keep track of everything, especially when its divided over multiple cloud providers. Using Rocketeers you can organize everything per project and/or client to keep your administration tidy.

Multiple PHP versions per server

Every server can have multiple PHP servers installed and we make sure only the used ones are actively running on your server. Each site can run a different PHP version.

Monitor your sites and servers

We monitor every important aspect of your sites and servers to make sure you're on top of every little aspect that impacts user experience. From TTFB to Google Core Web Vitals for sites and memory, CPU and diskspace usage for servers.

Manage multiple cloud providers from one place

Manage all your cloud providers from one place. No need to switch per project to different providers. Manage everything within one control panel for Cloudflare, DigitalOcean, Postmark, GitHub, Amazon AWS, and many more.

Safely backup files and databases

To cloud storage providers of your choice, you can backup every file and database on your server. We stream the data so you don't have to make sure you have enough diskspace to save the backup.

Import mutiple Sites into Cloudflare

You can import all of your sites in one go with our Cloudflare integration. This saves a lot of time for agencies and developers with a big domain portfolio when switching from another DNS cloud provider or transfering domains for a client.

Run sites in isolation on the same server

When you have multiple sites on a server, the files of these sites are hosted on the same disk. That's why Rocketeers hosts every sites in isolation from each other, this way other sites can't access files outside of its own document root directory. This is done by creating a new user for each site.

Zero downtime atomic deployments

Your sites can be updated without even a milisecond downtime because of our high-end zero downtime atomic deployment strategy. Every thing just keeps running while the code freshly updates and installs itself automatically.

Sites error reporting and management

Whenever a site (e.g. website or web app) generates an error or exception, Rocketeers can collect this error message with extra information in its context and notify you realtime of what's wrong at application or server level. Using notification channels like email, Discord, Slack and Telegram. When working in a team, assign specific errors to other team members.

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